The Area

There is a lot to do and see in Carefree and there is lots of information available on the web about Carefree.  Below are some links that you may find helpful.

The intent of this page is not to replace other resources that are available, but to highlight some of Steve and Joanna's favorites that they have come to know of the years.

We do not get any remuneration of putting these vendors here, in most cases they do not know we have given them our vote of approval.  We consider ourselves connoisseurs of good quality for a reasonable value.  We hope that these suggestions prove helpful. 

Steve & Joanna's Favorites

Shopping  - as we like to shop, we have put this at the top of our list.

  • Spirit of the West Boot Co. -Yvonne and her staff will fix you right up with a pair of boots.  With the largest selection of boots available, you are sure to find something that will look great and the fit will be wonderful.  Don't forget to look at the jewelry.

Restaurants  -  we also like to eat, but we are not at all interested in the normal American diet.  The places listed below are interest because they offer a unique, fun and/or healthy menu.
  • Binkley's Restaurant - A wonderful place for a special occasion.  The food is prepared in a unique way and the tastes are exquisite.   While expensive, we find it well worth celebrating an anniversary or a special birthday.  Binkley's has received several accolades and patrons come from all around the Valley of the Sun. 
  • Café Bink – The little sister to Binkley’s, the same attention to detail and fine food is available but with a simpler menu.  A place that the budget can bear and somewhere one might eat at on a daily basis. 
  • Carefree Station Grill & Bar – One of our favorites, this restaurant offers a varied menu with interesting and tasty selections.  When the weather allows we prefer to sit in the garden under the palo verde tree.   A lovely setting and never a disappointment. 
  • El Encanto Mexican Restaurant – If your looking for Mexican food in a fun and lively setting, head on over to the popular El Encanto.  We always like sitting in the bar and ordering from the menu.  It is the secret to fast service at this popular restaurant.  For those with families, you will want to sit around the pond and enjoy the resident ducks and other water fowl.  You can feed them if you like. 
  • Janey’s Coffeehouse – Our friend, Samantha, opened her coffee shop and has done an excellent job of creating a unique ambiance.  Have coffee and a custom made oatmeal for breakfast, or have a custom made sandwich for lunch.  You will be glad you did. 
  • Cartwright’s Sonoran Ranch House & Lounge  – If you like steak and you like to customize your meal, this is the pick for you.  This is an upscale steak house that will please any steak and potato lover. 
  • Tonto Bar & Grill – Located at the Rancho Mañana, meals can be enjoyed with the back drop of the Tonto National Forest.  A great menu to be had in a lovely setting.

Activities - there are fun and interesting things to do in the area, but that can be personal, so we have listed some of the things that we have done that we think is worthwhile doing.
  • Carefree Sundial – Go on into town and read the sundial.  Is it accurate? 
  • Pinnacle Peak Park - Take a hike!  Beautiful vistas, lots of flora, and an occasional surprise along the trail are the reward for this moderate hike.  This park is a short 20 minutes from the Carefree Casita and is a worthwhile morning activity. 
Links - below are useful links to the area.